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For Those Who Can't Speak
The name is Katy
Biological Anthropology Major
Minor in Music
Instagram: @katyandd
Anonymous said: Uh yes in person. I just realized how creepy that was of me to say though. Sorry.

Who are you! Haha

Anonymous said: The times I've seen you around I've wished I could be with someone like you. Maybe in another life.

Seen me around as in person?

Anonymous said: for weight loss through hula hooping: how many times a week did you hoop/ how long? what hoop did you use? and did you just do reg hula hooping orr...? sorry for all the ques but im gonna start hooping so that i can get a toned stomach! :)

I hula hoop everyday for varying times each day. Sometimes I do it for an hour or more, sometimes for 10 minutes. I now do it everyday just because it’s so much fun!

I actually make my own hoops and I use 3/4” PVC piping, you can get it at any home repair store. For waist hooping you’ll want to make your hoop at least 38” across. 

I do dance hula hoop/hula hoop tricks.  I highly recommend hula hooping though because you will get toned in your stomach very quickly. I lost 4 inches around my hips and waist and I’ve only been hooping for a few months. Hooping has also made me a lot more positive about my body and it’s generally an extremely fun thing to do! Just remember that if you want to do tricks, DON’T GIVE UP. It WILL take a while to learn your first few tricks but once you start getting the hang of it, they’ll start to come easier. 

I can also do tutorials if anyone is interested in learning how to hoop!

My roommates are the most pop punk people I have ever met.

Anonymous said: You are simply amazing.

Thank you ❤️

Something happened to my horse…
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"I want to roll over at 2 a.m. to a kiss from you not a text message"
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"Why do you weep? Did you think I was immortal?"
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